Monday, October 26, 2009

And soo...

I'm back! lol...what the, sure has been a long time since i blogged...soo yess, 1 more week of uni and then exams and holidays! (^_^) wheee...can't wait for holidays to finally come again. I missed late nights and late mornings...and just doing nothing...but work for Nandos to get moneyss hehe...Iono...its been a weird "season" for me this semester at uni...things dont feel the same anymore..I dont feel the same anymore haha...i guess, things change? Funny how a year ago i actually graduated from high school... just the other day i was like wat the heck? ITS BEEN A YEAR?! and yeaa...finishing first year actually seems exciting!! not as exciting as holidayss tempted to just go nuts now and not study at all..but i guess, at this point in time, doing that will jeopardise my "future". I dont know, at this point in time, i dont see myself actually working in a company. It was kinda the same a year ago when I said I can never see myself in uni...but here I am now hehe...So yea, excited for whats coming up. Nervous about whats gonna happen, about whats gonna happen. hehe, we'll see what happens. :] THats all for me from this point in time...hope you guys are well..ben to blog again soon? Maybe..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


..........allocate plus and blackboard people really need to work together...rocked up for a tutorial which was clearly state on allocate that it was running, but blackboard said it wasn't...soo i'm at swinburne till 5 with nothing to do till 3:30 when my lecture for IBIS(introduction to business information sysetems) start......well, at least today is clubs day at swinny, soo hanging around the OCF stand for fun...=]

Monday, August 10, 2009

uni's back o-o

Hey all!!! mann..has it really been that long? o-o omgshh...hahahhaa, how're you all? =] Hope you guys are well =]...for me, it has been a year of different experiences. Since March, I've moved on to Journey and am serving there. I've also stepped up in main worship. This Wednesday will be my first ever time leading worship at prayer meeting. Very excited for it. My parents have been telling me stuff like..."STICK TO A THEME", "DONT PLAY SONGS THAT DONT MIX WITH EACH OTHER", and i guess...i had to listen to them..haha, my song list pretty old school, songs that i've grown up with at church back in Malaysia, which i didnt know were from Hillsong! how exciting, ohh yeahh, if you havn't heard....uni's back. Today was my second day back at uni. DONT ASK ME WHY SO LATE, even i dont know =_=...ANYWAYS, so far its been good.....time table's whacked tho; at least i dont have thursdays and fridays on at uni : )..LONG WEEKEND FTW! anyways, thats all for now i guess...will update you guys at a later date =]. Peace. God bless. CYA

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The weekend.

Hey all! =]… How are all of you? Sorry for the lack of blogging for the past few days. It has been a very eventful few days….started on Thursday Night at OCF. It was Michaels birthday and we had a surprise for him. YAY…Michael’s 22? Hahaha yeaahh…he’s old, JOKESSS. First thing I said to him that day was “happy birthday”…normal right? Hahaha, not in this case. You see, Michael’s a very quiet-ish guy and he HASN’T told anyone about his birthday. So he replied to my comment with this, “How do you know its my birthday?”. It sure was an awkward moment…but I just went…ughh…someone told me? hehe… ANYWAYS, it was a good night of discussion about the Good Samaritan but the HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT, was Michael of course…here’s a few pics from his party.. YAY, love my OCF group. <3

Friday…hmms, for the whole day..from 9am-5pm(that’s right, I was up at 9 on the day where I didn’t have TO GO TO CLASS. Our church had organised a Overnight Prayer Meeting…it was awesome/…OHH, forgot to say before, just keep in mind that I had abit of a soar throat on Thursday and it continued on…Getting back to the overnight prayer…Sang for 2 sessions.,.one at 8-8:30 and the other at 12-12:30am..THATS RIGHT MIDNIGHT and we were still rockin out :D..the night started off abit slow but heyy, it built up slowly =]. My highlight was Uncle Dennis’ second session. You see, there was 3 sessions for this overnight prayer meeting. 1st session 1=8pm-9:45pm, session 2=10pm-11:45pm session 3=12-2am|(that’s right..I’ve been up for..17 hours that day…well 15+2 xD if you wanna be technical about it =]. All good, but yeahh my highlight…OMGSH, Uncle Dennis is actually pretty awesome. The song’s he did were old school as and I and I’m sure many others enjoyed it. AWESOME SONG CHOICE UNCLE DENNIS…QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Any songs made after 1997 have no anointing!” HAHAHA, funny guy :P…typical blunt, honest comedic American : ).So, I went home at 2 and fell asleep about 3. So that was my Friday night.

Saturday…was up again at 8:30a.m…we had a leaders meeting that day from 11-3:30. I have no idea why I was up so early…should’ve slept more GAHHH =_=ohhh wells, it was a good day. I learnt a lot that day from Darren and all the other leaders. There’s this personality test that I did, It was between a Lion, Beaver, Otter and Golden Retriever. It was basically a leadership personality test. And turns out I’m a Lion and an Otter. I’ll tell you guy more about it in my next blog post : ).So anyways, that wasn’t the end of my Saturday, NOT AT ALL! There was a CS tourney at church at 4(CS=Counter it if you guys don’t know about it; pretty much a strategic First Person Shooter game). I found out I love RAMBO-ING LOL. Hahaha, anyways, we came second in that tourney, unfortunately, we got nothing for coming second haha…sooo the tournament finished at about…9:30? Soo after the tourney me, Ken, Daz, CJ and Matty went out for dinner at Star East. OK at this point in time, MY VOICE is pretty much as husky as it can get xD…Remember I said before I had a soar throat? Well…yeap yeap, soar throat turned into a no voice Ben xD. It happened on Friday after the second session when I sang haha. Soo…star east it was. Had some nasi goreng which wasn’t really too bad. And that my friends is the end of my Saturday : ).

Sunday, I had to be up at 7am to get to church by 8:30…noww, don’t think that church is a very far away place from my house..its only 5 MINS away. HAHAHA, yea… I like taking my time to get ready-hair, suit(mmhmms, have to wear a suit for morning services worship thing) get everything right…and so I journeyed to church with a tea mummy made me(it was like some chinese medication thing…keeping in mind that I’ve already drank like 2-3 glasses of that at home. WHERE WAS THE HONEY WHEN I NEED IT.anyways…church was good. Sang without my normal voice…instead with this huksy, APPARENTLY sexy voice. Hahaha I THOUGHT I SOUNDED ABIT LIKE JOEL HOUSTON SOMETIMES :P. JOEL UR AWESOME BUT I think I sound better JK LOL. Wow, what a big ego I have….anyways, so morning service, apparently I sounded pretty good? LOL, ask the PA people HAHAHAHA, mmmm chyeaahh : )…Glory to God for that for using my no-voice-ness to shout His Glory =]. Anyways, that was the end of that…Something I kinda learnt that morning from the sermon is that God wants Disciples more than Believers…of course they’re gonna be believers but Jesus wants believers in the end become disciples. I learnt that disciples brings multiplication to the Kingdom of Heaven and that believers only add to the kingdom…something really interesting Pastor Elton looked at that morning. SO THAT WAS THE END OF THE MORNING SERVICE. Lets see, OH YEAH…we had Easter Service practice, OH MY GOODNESSS, for the first time, in the recent history of Australia For Christ Fellowship’s Worship team, there has never been a children’s choir performing side by side with the worship team. IT WAS AMAZING, far out…the little ones were AWESOME, and they sang with such a FAITH, with such…a child’s faith! It was amazing…so yeaaa, children’s choir with the worship team…gonna be amazing. That afternoon, went to Alice’s and Nikki’s house to watch this movie called Lock, Stock something something. One of the first Guy-Ritchie films I’ve watched EVER. Hahaha, I LOVED the ending…hahaha, go check it out…its on DVD now, so BUY IT. Or…you can be cheap and DOWNLOAD IT. I had to sing that night to(as you know by now…my voice is STILL gone)...Worship was amazing in my eyes…eventhough maybe…I didn’t follow the 3 finger rule on my microphone xD which in the end made the first 2 songs quite distorted xD…mmhmm, mmhmm..Sorry team…GIANT APOLOGY again hahaha…But the first 30 minutes of the night(which was our worship session) was not the highlight of the night…the highlight was at the end…after Josh’s message which really has challenged me. josh’s message was just this, really.. If life’s all there is to it and nothing else, then my a living joke and people deserve to laugh, to ridicule, to hate me. IF I don’t believe in eternity, if I don’t believe in whats after this, then there’s no point going to chuch on Wednesday nights for prayer and worship practice, there’s no point in me going for Friday nights at youth and ministering to young kids, there’s no point in me going to any Sunday services, there’s not point in me sacrificing time with friends-drinking, sleepin around, clubbing, killing, stealing, breaking every law there is..because if there is no life after this, I wanna live for anything in this world. But if there is a life after this and I truly believe there is, LIVE THIS LIFE FULLY IN CHRIST. A quote from Josh’s message, “In Christianity 101, there’s no breaks, your lecturer is not 100% right, only your Subject coordinator is BUT he sometimes don’t answer you. There are pop quizzes, tests at random times and your study notes, lecture notes, study guides are the 66 books.” Wow…either give it my all, or give nothing at point being “luke warm”..What a word that was..awesome…God’s awesome..=]. So, what happened after? Hahaha…yeaaa…usually services for night services finish about 7:30-7:45…Josh’s message went on till about 7:30..he called up the worship team and I thought it was only going to be 1 song? Haha, boy was I so wrong…the atmosphere felt SUPER different!! Omgsh…it was an amazing feeling….the holy spirit was moving and the songs that came out from that 45 extra minutes of worship was just…amazing.. ANYWAYS, wow I realised I’ve wrote a lot. Just soo many things happened this weekend, lots and lots of stuff to share from my heart. Anyways, that’s pretty much it. Any questions and any comments, chuck’em on. =]

Peace. God Bless. CYA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a month on and so...

Hmmms….Time to get this back on track…well, haha. I’ve got a Lappie. Its not too good, its not bad…ITS FOR UNI NOT LAN GAMING You douche bags LOL…wow, I can’t believe I just said that. Here’s what I think my Lappie looks like when I draw it in paint :P

Anyways, uni’s been great, thanks for everyone who gave me their support. Hahaha, I’ve actually met people at uni!! WOOT! Ben has friends hehe.. For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Accounting and Finance at Swinburn University, Hawthorn. Plenty of Mount Waverley peeps are here which is awesome; 4 of them are actually in the same course as I am! I also joined a group at uni called OCF(Overseas Christian Fellowship). Great group, great people. Awesome fun. Hahaha, Noww…what else can I discuss in this blog of mine…

Well, I officially leave anthem next week, so its gonna be my last week at anthem for 3 months. Sighh, me saddsss….I love anthem, the people, the things we do. I don’t wanna leave =(…pretty much I’m gonna go for Journey(if you guys don’t know, it’s the uni cell group at my church) for 3 months and after that period, I’m gonna sit down with Josh to discuss whether I wanna go back to anthem or stay on at journey. If I decide to go back to anthem, I’ll be a leader, if I stay at journey, I’m sure God’ll use me there too.. HMMS soo hard to choose…gahhh lol.

Anyways, thats all that matters to me at this point in time. Stay tuned for more. P.s. comment
God bless. Peace. CYA!

Monday, March 23, 2009

UNI, wow...this was 3 weeks overdue =S

BAHAHAHAHA, just a little something i whipped up the first day i got my timetable. I know, I know...i havn't blogged recently. I'm SORRY! :( BUT here's to a fresh start. GOGOGOGO :D

Thanks guys. Peace. God Bless. CYa

Friday, February 6, 2009

Piano and singing o_O

ugh...ok this was the FIRST week i've ever done that in front of a crowd, I sang and played piano at the same time...WAS SO FREAKIN NERVOUS GAHH! apparently my piano was abit loud LOL...but everything else other than the couple of slips i made, it was better than i expected haha. but yeaa...enjoyed that. hahaha, my weeks been pretty boring...hoped to catch up with a few people, but they all have been working...gonna call someone up later and see how they're goin....haha, youth was awesome tonight, AILEEN SPOKE a great message. Ally did a great MC job. Ken was awesome with lights and sound(eventhough he stuffed up abit of the recording haha but dw its good =]) everything was awesome this week at ANTHEM YOUTH. and here's anohter drawing =] haha, love PAINT <3